Design and Teaching philosophy

Darrin J. Pufall, MFA

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; Costume Design, Boise State University

Design and Teaching Philosophy

I am drawn to the academic world of design and technology due to my philosophy both as a designer and mentor. I believe that in all areas of design and technology, theatre artists will always reap the best results when a strong working knowledge of his or her craft is established, coupled with an appreciation for the development of a team. Within this establishment a cohesive design can be born; allowing no single production or design element to stand-alone. It is exceptionally important that as theatre artists we understand the constraints of time and budget as well as the need for collaboration and sensitivity to other artists; while still creating original work that both engages and excites the production team, performers and their audience. Nurturing this philosophy through teaching and learning with young artists will breed future professionals, equipped with the tools that he or she will need to begin a career in the arts.